Natalia Yadrentseva
If you want to have something, you mustn't simply go out and get that thing – but rather, you must become the kind of person that naturally would have that thing.

J. Levy

Help people and organisations to grow through creation and collaboration
I am an organisational and team coach, a mastermind facilitator and trainer, and an author of strategic and team conscious retreats. Previously worked internationally giving workshops for subjects around visual management, collaboration and dealing with change.

ICAgile Certified Professional Agility in the Enterprise, Certified Mastermind Facilitator and Agile Facilitator, IAF member, Integral technologies of personal and organisational development in Coaching Institute.

Consulted more than 150 companies around the world including Leroy Merlin, KONE, Total, Sony Mobile, Ferrari, YOOX, Thales, SNCF, Volvo, Prezi.

I am a big fan of continuous improvement, and passionate about change – both in my professional and private life. I strongly believe in the creation of a balanced ecosystem which improves the workplace culture for everyone. I enjoy working in culturally diverse organisations and growing collaborative teams through trust, belief and respect.

I believe that sustainable prosperity is possible when we are aligned with our values, and bring purpose and profit together.

I create a space for people who are scaling up in their life

— to experience a different way of growing through collaboration, trust and support

— to understand themselves better knowing what gives them energy to follow inner wishes and realisation of potential

— to step forward their intentions to experiment and create something new, inspiring for them and helpful for the entire world.

What I Do
Everyday I help my clients level up their business piecing together purpose and profit
Help to deal with ambiguity to flourish and success.
Help to make massive progress on individual and a company vision.
Help to create an atmosphere of engagement and involvement.
Get out of ambiguity
Learn to see the ever-changing flow of life not as a source of anxiety or panic, but as a challenge and motivation to adapt and learn, to innovate and be creative. To be able to effectively cope with change; shift gears comfortably; decide and act without having the total picture; and to be able to handle risk and uncertainty.
Take a new perspective through the collaboration
In any work - people are the most important. People you trust and that trust you. People rowing together in the same direction, towards a shared vision.
Training - Listening well. Acceptance. Relating to each other with less "labels". Expressing more freely. Collaboration.
Start actioning
Create an innovative path to this future defining a scope of actions. Practice via experiments, iterate, make mistakes and learn.
I am looking forward to our collaboration!
Turin, Italy
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